Don’t Take Away My Sky

Lyrics by Intellessence

There are two kinds of people in this world
I want to know, which one are you?
There are those who can only exploit
Then there are those who actually do
I don’t need exploitation
I have imagination

I know what I am doing
And I don’t want to listen to you
I don’t need critics, you know what I say
They are the people who could not do
I had to find
I found what’s mine

If you don’t want me, then leave me alone
Don’t tell me I am weird
When I am gone and so are you
They will remember I was here
I left a part of me
I left my melody

There is a place up in the sky
Where I can reach for anything
I don’t have to stare at the ground
When all I need is to imagine
I can reach so high
I can pull down the sky

So don’t you take away my sky
Don’t you take away my sky