Intellessence Music

The artist Intellessence gained an appreciation of music early in life––often going to sleep at night with the radio on. At age 16, fate stepped in when he befriended a classmate with an electric guitar. Though he knew nothing about actually making music, simply strumming the amped guitar was enough to persuade him to buy a guitar of his own that same week. He quickly taught himself to play well enough to form a high school band. Never very interested in playing covers, he was instead driven to create original music that would inspire others the way music inspired him.

In addition to the writing and composition, he also became very interested in the recording and production aspect of making music. As time went on, he quickly progressed from recording on a home stereo cassette recorder to consumer 4-track/8-track recorders, before eventually utilizing the current computer-based programs of today. He considers himself a complete recording artist—composing, performing and recording each production out of his home studio using Logic Pro X.

Music, however, was not his only creative interest growing up. He also took an interest in film/video production. When not composing music, he was often making short, entertaining videos with his classmates. After graduating high school, he pursued film studies at the University.

It was music that continued to receive most of his attention and upon graduating the University, he immediately enrolled in a media college to formally learn music production and recording technology. While at the media college, he quickly became a standout student who eventually went on to teach classes at the very same school for many years after graduating.

His love of film and storytelling never vanished. He is also a prolific writer of screenplays, novels and short stories––many of which are suitable for the both the big and small screen. Always looking for opportunities to expand his work beyond music, he’s interested in formal film projects as well.

Beneath the surface of all his work is a deep interest and curiosity in philosophy and higher awareness. He believes the power of art lies in its ability to inspire, awaken and elevate our consciousness. This has always been the main goal of his creative work.

In recognition of music’s immense influence on the human psyche and spirit, he records all his music at the alternate tuning of A=432 Hz rather than the standard A=440 Hz. It is believed by some musicians and scholars that this tuning is more in tune with our own natural vibrations and thus more pleasant and encompassing.