The artist Intellessence is a Writer, Musician and Filmmaker.

He began playing guitar at age 16 and quickly started writing and recording songs. In college, he studied both film and music recording technology. Upon graduation, he taught music recording and technology at a media school for many years. During this time he also began writing novels, short stories and screenplays.

With a recording studio in his home, he is now able to record and produce a high volume of music for sale online as well as streaming. In addition, he has recently taken an interest in the alternate tuning of A = 432 Hz instead of the standard A = 440 Hz. Some musicians and scholars believe 432 Hz is more encompassing and pleasant to the ear. You be the judge…

This website was created to display his ongoing work as well as to provide a link to interested viewers and collaborators.

He can be contacted at intellessence@yahoo.com